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Our Services Offered

• Conveyancing (Deeds and Mortgages)
• Registration and /or application for consolidations and subdivisions
• Drafting of notarial agreements and documents
• Drafting of sale agreements and lease agreements
• Opening of sectional title registers
• Registration of servitudes
• Property transfers by means of selling shares in a company and members’ interest in a close corporation

• Civil litigation in the Magistrates-, Regional- and High Court
• Urgent applications for interdicts
• Application for Rehabilitation and or sequestration

• Registration of companies and close corporations
• Drafting of all commercial agreements
• Structuring of business transactions
• Drafting and registration of trusts

• Divorces
• Maintenance
• Control and Supervision
• Ante-nuptial contracts
• Protection orders

• Estate planning and wills
• Winding up of deceased estates and testamentary trusts

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